Ice Ball Mold 2.5″

2.5 Inch Ice Ball Maker

  • Package includes: 4x 2.5 inch ice ball molds
  • Each ice ball mold makes a 2.5″ diameter round ice ball
  • High quality, 100% BPA Free & FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone, Non-stick mold, for easy removal
  • 4 separate molds gives you the convenience of being able to find room in any freezer
  • Teikis – 100% Money Back Guarantee & 2 year warranty

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Simple & Easy to use

The easy pour top opening and leak proof design ensures that it won’t leak all over the place. With its thick, sturdy silicone construction, it cannot be easier to make perfect ice balls. With an effortless squeeze the ice ball can be released from the mold straight into the beverage.

Extra Large Individual Ice Balls 
With its jumbo 2.5 Inch Diameter size, the ice ball melts slower than ice cubes. It will keep your drink cool longer and melts slower to avoid diluting your drink. You can freeze any type of liquid. Freeze water, juice, wine, alcohol, soup, and baby food. The options are limitless. By having 4 separate mold instead of an ice cube tray, gives you the convenience of being able to find room in any freezer, and with its flat base, it will always stay balanced whilst freezing, without the worry of spilling.


  • 2.5 inch diameter Ice Balls
  • 100% BPA Free Food Grade Silicone
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Leak Proof


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