Himalayan Salt 6″ Bowl with Chunks with Dimmer + 2 Bulbs

  • VALUE PACK – Comes with one 6 inch Bowl with Himalayan Salt Chunks and 2 bulbs
  • BENEFICIAL – Himalayan Salt comes from the earth and it has a variety of health benefits Negative ions are omitted from the salt as it heats up This will eliminate positive ions that are in the air
  • Calming -When the dimmer is turned on the salt will let off an amber glow that is soothing and calming
  • Natural Gift – The Teikis Bowl with Himalayan Salt Chunks makes the perfect gift for a variety of occasions, including birthdays, weddings, promotion at work or graduation
  • TEIKIS PROMISE- 100% Money Back Guarantee and 2 year warranty

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The bowl and chunks are constructed from a piece of Himalayan Salt, which come from the earth. It lets off a pleasing amber glow, which can help introduce a relaxing atmosphere. The Teikis Himalayan Salt Bowl with Chunks should be used in areas that you will most frequently be in. These include the bedroom, bathroom, office space, or living room.

Healthy Benefits

There are a number of healthy benefits included with using the Teikis Himalayan Salt Bowl with Chunks. When heated, the salt will let off negative ions, which will help kill bacteria and germs in the air. It will also decrease the symptoms of allergies and asthma. Himalayan Salt is known to help increase energy while boosting your immune system. This will decrease your chances of developing colds and sinus issues.

Clean Air

Himalayan Salt uses the same technology that ionic air purifiers do. It will clean the air, which will allow you to breath with ease. This salt can help decrease dust, bacteria, pet dander and odor.

Better Nights Rest

Place the Teikis Himalayan Salt Bowl with Chunks in your bedroom, as it will help provide a relaxing atmosphere. Himalayan salt is known to help decrease anxiety and insomnia. The amber glow will provide a calming effect that will improve the way you sleep.

All Natural

This salt is a result of mineral deposits that were left behind by the ancient sea. They are a direct result of the extreme pressure that took place as the Himalayan Mountains were being formed. This product comes from the earth, and provides a number of healthy benefits.


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