Glass Pitcher With Nut Milk Bags

  • Package included: 2 Pack of 10″x 12″ Square Bottom Nut Milk Bag + 1 Pack of 2 Liters Glass Jug with White Lid Pitcher
  • BPA Free, recyclable product superior resistant to use and dishwashing guarantees long lasting product
  • Teikis – 100% Money Back Guarantee & 2 year warranty

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Square Bottom Nut Milk Bag
Designed to provide better yield and less waste. Our nut milk bag is made from a premium quality mesh. It is durable and can withstand hard squeezing without the ripping or tearing the bag. The nut milk bag is multipurpose, can be used not only for nut almond milk, but also for juices, cold coffee, yogurt and other products that requires hard squeezing and filtering.

Glass Jug with White Lid Pitcher
Made in Italy, the Glass pitcher with a capacity of 67 3/4 ounce. The pitcher is lead free and 100% recyclable. Designed to be shock resistance and dishwasher safe. Material used in making this glass pitcher is BPA free and safe to be used to serve either hot or cold beverages.


Glass Jar with capacity of 67 ¾ ounce.
Lead free item. Item is 100% recyclable
Shock resistance and Dishwasher Safe
Items is durable and can withstand through multiple cycle of dishwasher usage.
Main in Italy, BPA free product.


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