6″ – 8″ Himalayan Salt Lamp Ionic Air Purifier with dimmer 2.50 – 3.50 Kg + 2 Bulbs

  • VALUE PACK – Comes with one 6 to 8 inch Himalayan Salt Lamp and 2 bulbs Lamp measures 14.3 x 11.4 x 7.8 inches
  • PURIFIES AIR – Negative ions are omitted from the lamp as it heats up This will eliminate positive ions that are in the air, which is something that a regular lamp can not provide
  • HEALTHY BENEFITS -Helps alleviate stress, increase energy, and provides a calming effect
  • UNIQUE AND APPEALING – All salt lamps are different Each is constructed from a piece of Himalayan Salt which came from the earth It provides a pleasing amber glow when turned on
  • TEIKIS PROMISE- 100% Money Back Guarantee & 2 year warranty

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Alleviate Allergies

Bacteria and germs that are floating in the air can be destroyed by negative ions. The Himalayan Salt lamp can decrease the amount of allergens in a home, while increasing energy and boosting your immune system.

So Many Benefits

When our bodies are imbalanced a lot of sickness can occur. Himalayan Salt is so healing, and can provide you with a number of benefits when placed in a high traffic area. However, the lamp will need to be turned on in order for negative ions to be released, as this only occurs when the salt is heated up. Having a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your home can help decrease dust, bacteria, pet dander, odor, allergies, asthma, sinus, fatigue and colds.


It can be hard to find a way to relax in this high tech world that we live in. The Himalayan Salt lamp is a natural way to improve your health, as well as help you relax. When turned on, this lamp will omit an amber glow, which will provide a calming effect. A soothing atmosphere will help decrease stress, anxiety and insomnia.


The Teikis Himalayan Salt Lamp is designed to fit into any decor. The base is made of natural wood, which adds to its appeal. Place in high traffic areas for the most benefits. These could include the bedroom, living room, bathroom or office space.

Natural Lifestyle

If you enjoy utilizing natural products in your everyday life, then you will want to include the Teikis Himalayan Salt Lamp. It comes from the earth, and provides a variety of health benefits. This salt is a result of mineral deposits that were left behind by the ancient sea. They are a direct result of the extreme pressure that took place as the Himalayan Mountains were being formed. This Rock Salt contains properties that are found within the ocean, and has numerous benefits.


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