5 Piece BBQ Tool Set

  • The Teikis BBQ set comes with 7 pieces tools that will come in handy for your summer grilling.
  • Set contains: 1 pair TeiKis Silicone BBQ Gloves, 1pair Bear Claw / Paw, 1 piece Seasoning Injector Grilling, two BBQ Grill Mat, and two Skewer
  • Set is made from highly durable and heat-resistant material that is perfect for your grilling.
  • Teikis – 100% Money Back Guarantee & 2 year warranty

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TEIKIS Silicone BBQ Gloves
Manage your grilling with ease, while keeping your hand dry and most importantly safe for the heat. Made from a recyclable, BPA-free product and 100% waterproof. Rest assured that you are able to handle the heat with this gloves.

TEIKIS Bear Claw / Paw
These bear paws are the right meat handler that every grill set needs It provides a faster alternative in meat shredding. Perfect for handling hot transfer from the oven to the dinner table. The bear claw is also heat resistant. There is no need for fear for the bear claw tips melting or bending when coming in contact of heat.

TEIKIS Seasoning Injector
With this Seasoning Injector, you can now add more flavor and zest into your food. The stainless steel injector allows you to inject your favorite herbs, spices and marinades deep into your meat to ensure a juicy and tenderness of flavors.

TEIKIS BBQ Mat and Skewers.
These non-stick grill mats are perfect for grilling basically anything, with no need for cooking oils. Grills fish, burgers, hot dogs steaks and vegetables without ever having to worry about it breaking apart in the grill and falling into the flames. These Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewers is an ingenious cable-style grilling skewer that makes grilling easier than ever before. The flexible stainless steel cable design allows you to easily marinate your food in a bowl or zip-lock bag. It also allows you to maximize the space on your grill.


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