2 Pack 6″ to 8″ Himalayan Salt Lamps Ionic Air Purifier with dimmer 2.50 – 3.50 Kg + 4 Bulbs

  • VALUE PACK – Comes with two 6 to 8 inch Himalayan Salt Lamps and 4 bulbs, Lamps measure 10.9 x 7 x 6.7 inches
  • CLEAN AIR – These lamps have the power to kill positive ions that are floating through the air by emitting negative ions This will leave the air clean and help you breathe with ease
  • ONE OF A KIND – No two salt lamps are alike, which means your lamp will be one of a kind
  • TEIKIS PROMISE- 100% Money Back Guarantee & 2 year warranty

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Perfect Solution

These lamps blend with any decor, which allows you to use them anywhere you please. Since the lamps provide health benefits, it is best to use them in areas where you will be most frequently. This includes bedroom, living room, bathroom or office space.

Decrease Impurities

As the lamp heats up, the negative ions will be released into the air. These ions have the ability to bind themselves to positive ones, which will decrease germs and bacteria that is floating in the air. They can help improve the air quality that you are breathing in, which will alleviate asthma and allergy symptoms. This will increase your immunities while boosting your energy.

Health Benefits

Not only do these Salt lamps purify the air and help decrease allergies, they also help eliminate dust, bacteria, pet dander and odor. They will decrease fatigue, while helping insomnia. Himalayan Salt Lamps are the perfect way to increase natural benefits in your home.

Calming Effects

When the lamp is turned on, it will provide a warming glow. This will help you distress from a hard day, as your lamp helps you relax. Provides a soothing atmosphere that can be enjoyed alone or with the one you love. It has a romantic glow that will create an appealing atmosphere when wanting to spend alone time with someone special.


The Teikis Himalayan Salt Lamps come from the earth, as they are a result of mineral deposits that were left behind by the ancient sea. They are a direct result of the extreme pressure that took place as the Himalayan Mountains were being formed. This salt contains properties that are found within the ocean, and has numerous benefits.


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