TEIKIS Insider

To be part of the TEIKIS Insider program, you need to complete the following steps:

It is important that you read all TEIKIS Insider information thoroughly before submitting your member application.

The TEIKIS Insider program was specially designed to give TEIKIS customers a chance to tell us how they feel about our products. Participation will help us ensure our products are the highest quality and meet customer’s needs. We will then understand how products need to improve to better our customer’s life.

We will use the customer feedback to create new systems that will help our process become more streamlined, improve products, and give better customer support.

As a member of this program, you will be given free product for review purposes. With this, you commit to providing an honest and constructive review that describes the benefits and functionality of the product. This will help future customers understand our products better.

Everyone gains from the TEIKIS Insider program. With your help, we will provide products that meet customer’s needs.

F & Q

1. What is the benefit of joining the TEIKIS Insiders program?

In exchange for an honest review, you will be given free product. Your feedback will help us improve our products for customer satisfaction. It will also help us determine what type of products our customers need. With this, you may be eligible for additional TEIKIS deals.

2. As a TEIKIS Insider, what am I required to do?

Within one week of receiving your TeiKis product, you will be required to write an Amazon Product Review. For any reason, if you have issues, contact customer support for help.

3. How do I know if I am eligible to participate in the TEIKIS Insider program?

  • Participants must be a United States resident.
  • Have an Amazon account that is active, contains a review history, and can write a constructive review.
  • Or you may qualify if you run a reputable blog that is approved by TEIKIS for review purposes.

All rights to grant Power Membership is held by TEIKIS.

4. What do I need to do to join the TeiKis Power Member program?

Start by filling out and submitting the form below. You will then receive an email from TEIKIS letting you know if you are eligible to participate in the program. TEIKIS will view your Amazon review history to ensure that your account is active and established. This helps TEIKIS know if you are eligible for the Power Member program. It is always ideal to approve members who have reviewed products similar to TEIKIS.

5. If the Product being offered through the Power Member program does not meet my needs, what should I do?

It is best to go ahead and fill out your member application now, as you will then be eligible when new offers become available. Product review offers are updated each month, but there are no set dates on when changes for products to review will take place. This is due to the variation of production and when the product can be available. You will only receive products that you request for review.

6. How do I find out about new product review offers?

Product review offers can be found by accessing your member page located on our website, or our social media feeds.

7. How does TEIKIS use the information that I provide?

Your privacy is very important to us. The information that you provide through the Insider program will never be sold or shared with a third party. It will only be used for the Insider program, application review, and shipping products. At anytime, you hold the right to withdraw from the TEIKIS Insider program.

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3. In the ”Communication” box, under the ”Community” tab, click ”Your Public Profile”

4. If you are prompted to log in to your Amazon account, please do that now.
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